In a continuation of my unsolicited music recommendations series, todays recommendation is a folk album, Threads by Ruth Notman.

Threads released in 2007 is a particular interesting considering it sits just before the more commercially successful new British folk music that followed. Albums such as Here’s the Tender Coming (by The Unthanks 2009) and Sigh No More (by Mumford and Sons 2009).

The album opens with Billy Don’t You Weep For Me a well performed and mixed opening with grate guitar parts.

The album then immediately moves to the bench mark by which all modern folk albums can be the judged. A cover of Dougie MacLean’s Caledonia (perhaps not as old as you think 1978?). Personally I consider this to be one of the best versions of this song.

Threads continues on to deliver song after song of well considered and crafted performances with the mood shifting effectively from tracks such as Dark Eyed Sailor to Heather Down the Moor. Over the Hill and the Lonely Day Dies as particular highlights with heartfelt performances and detailed arrangements.

Still I Love Him, my favorite track, is a great track that provides an appropriate transition from the somber Farewell Farewell into the more bright final set of tracks at the conclusion of the album.

The final tracks of Threads are perhaps the reason that the album stands out to me with a surprising expansion of material typically within genre. Roaming features a hauntingly large arrangement with strings and multiple voices based around a piano lead. The final track What’s Going On? would be a great track for Little Mix to cover.

If you are use Apple Music you can listen to Threads.