This past week I have been at the MuSA 2017 Conference at Karlsruhe Germany presenting a paper as a result of a collaboration with a third year student. The conference was hosted by by the Karlsruhe Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik (IMWI).

My daily highlights from the conference can be found on my research blog AbleLemon.

As for Karlsruhe I found it to be a delightful city to visit. The tram network is stunning, cheap for groups and has a plentiful service in the middle of the town even on a Sunday.

The circumstances of my visit prevented me from enjoying the local beer but I did enjoy a wide variety of different types of Ice Tea. Of particular interest was a cherry variety which I had never seen or tried before, alas it came served in a glass and consequently I have no idea if it was home made or not!

Also from a drinks perspective I had the opportunity to try Mezzo Mix, its no cherry coke but still pretty good. There is also a medium level of fizz available in sparkling water,

I also took the opportunity to visit ZKM and enjoyed playing some vintage computer games at the ZKM_Gameplay exhibition.