As of the date of publication of this post I am not and never have been a member of any political party. With that said you have probably noticed I really enjoy following politics and commenting on them. Also I am an admire of conviction based politics and the integrity of Corbyn is admirable.

On Friday evening after having seen a collection of pro Corbyn posts throughout both Facebook, Twitter and on the Guardian clearly advocating support for Corbyn I thought to myself is there no reason to consider Corbyn stepping down. There is not a Labour majority in parliament there will not be a Labour majority government. Consequently I tweeted,

Controversial opinion but I think @jeremycorbyn should step aside now and gift a stronger well organised @UKLabour to someone else

My reasoning is this.

The conservative party are likely to start a leadership election. I suspect the parliamentary party fears facing the electorate again with May in charge and therefore this process has to start soon. If they do start a leadership contest we are unlikely to face another, intentionally called, general election until it is resolved. Even if May chooses to and is allowed to stay on the likely decline in the Conservative/DUP majority over the coming years is likely to force a general election in a few years. The conclusion of Brexit negotiations and while the deal is being ratified by individual parliaments of the EU nations prior to the implementation is a likely target. Bearing in mind that the government can no longer call elections as it wishes the opposition parties are in position to influence this likely timetable. So that maybe means we face potential a year and bit or conservative minority government and then another election.

Consequently I think Corbyn should consider stepping aside.

Doing so to allow another to build on his success. He would be free to serve with the shadow cabinet and even endorse his replacement, an endorsement likely to carry significant weight. This is not admitting defeat on policy rather that perhaps another could present such policy in a way to create a wider coalition one eventually capable of governing the UK.