Perhaps like me you social media feed are full of slightly enraging posts about the Trump, Brexit and the upcoming UK election in which please enjoy this post are aim to enrage you regarding another topic.

While my love of happy Hardcore is not a well kept secret a few ago I had the great pleasure of revisiting an old favourite of mine Wicked! by Scooter released 24th October 1996. After listening to the original version and the 20 years of hardcore expanded edition I was pleasant surprised how well the album holds up.

The introduction track, a brief vignette, is a great opener into what is perhaps the most famous of tracks from the album the classic I’m Raving including bagpipes.

On the topic of I’m Raving one should really check out the remix CD and in particular the Taucher Remix.

After this opening the album is a collection of great feel good tracks, Scooter del Mar breaks some new territory, The First Time is surprisingly fresh in spectral considerations and We Take You Higher and Awakening is everything you could hope for in a Scooter track with great synth leads.

The album concludes with Break It Up which is possible one of the strangest Scooter tracks ever. It overlays typical Scooter vocal processing against an acoustic guitar.

If you are use Apple Music you can listen to Wicked! or the Wicked! 20 Years of Hardcore Expanded Edition that includes the I’m Raving remixes.