In 2015 I posted the question I would have for the prime ministerial candidates in the UK election. I thought I would revisit this post in light of the current UK election but was surprised to realise how little they have actually changed.

The questions I had in 2015 were,

  • Suggest a situation that would cause you to use Trident?
  • What circumstance in a persons life need to come about for it to be appropriate that they are homeless?
  • Would you prefer a land-mine sales person to go to work or quit and claim JSA?
  • What obligation do you feel we have to the planet?
  • What current situation do you feel that as a nation we could respond to better being outside of Europe?

I suspect that these questions remain the most important for me and it slightly depressing that even post that election, the brexit referendum and the legislation also activities of government many of these issues remain current.

However I should acknowledge that while these questions largely remained unanswered in the previous election campaign some have already been answered in this campaign.

For me the key issues in this election are the ongoing housing crisis and government planning for permanent changes in the shift of employment models. I consider these two issues to be critical challenges for the UK and ones which if incorrectly handled are likely to create inequality of such significance that they could destabilise the UK.