So recently while I have been commuting I have been thinking more about my road position and have came to the conclusion that riding down the left hand side of a lane is a really bad idea, to the extent that I am not actually sure that I think marked bike lanes on roads are a good idea either.

Two things happened recently to convince me of this,

  • Firstly a car driver opened a door into my path forcing me to swerve out to go around them even though I was riding on the line marking the outside of the cycle lane.
  • Secondly on my early morning commute (5:50am) a drive over shot a give way line once again forcing me to pull out suddenly.

Now in both of these incidents there was nothing behind me but it has struck me that if there had been then I would have been in real problems. So I am going to try and ride with such a road position that I should not need to make such avoiding manoeuvres in the future.