Wicked! The Pinnacle of Dance Music

Perhaps like me you social media feed are full of slightly enraging posts about the Trump, Brexit and the upcoming UK election in which please enjoy this post are aim to enrage you regarding another topic.

While my love of happy Hardcore is not a well kept secret a few ago I had the great pleasure of revisiting an old favourite of mine Wicked! by Scooter released 24th October 1996. After listening to the original version and the 20 years of hardcore expanded edition I was pleasant surprised how well the album holds up.

The introduction track, a brief vignette, is a great opener into what is perhaps the most famous of tracks from the album the classic I’m Raving including bagpipes.

On the topic of I’m Raving one should really check out the remix CD and in particular the Taucher Remix.

After this opening the album is a collection of great feel good tracks, Scooter del Mar breaks some new territory, The First Time is surprisingly fresh in spectral considerations and We Take You Higher and Awakening is everything you could hope for in a Scooter track with great synth leads.

The album concludes with Break It Up which is possible one of the strangest Scooter tracks ever. It overlays typical Scooter vocal processing against an acoustic guitar.

If you are use Apple Music you can listen to Wicked! or the Wicked! 20 Years of Hardcore Expanded Edition that includes the I’m Raving remixes.

In 2015 I posted the question I would have for the prime ministerial candidates in the UK election. I thought I would revisit this post in light of the current UK election but was surprised to realise how little they have actually changed.

The questions I had in 2015 were,

  • Suggest a situation that would cause you to use Trident?
  • What circumstance in a persons life need to come about for it to be appropriate that they are homeless?
  • Would you prefer a land-mine sales person to go to work or quit and claim JSA?
  • What obligation do you feel we have to the planet?
  • What current situation do you feel that as a nation we could respond to better being outside of Europe?

I suspect that these questions remain the most important for me and it slightly depressing that even post that election, the brexit referendum and the legislation also activities of government many of these issues remain current.

However I should acknowledge that while these questions largely remained unanswered in the previous election campaign some have already been answered in this campaign.

For me the key issues in this election are the ongoing housing crisis and government planning for permanent changes in the shift of employment models. I consider these two issues to be critical challenges for the UK and ones which if incorrectly handled are likely to create inequality of such significance that they could destabilise the UK.

Yesterday in the Guardian George Monbiot offered the best summary of the upcoming UK election so far.

For me the highlight was this paragraph,

I [GM] would love to elect a government led by someone both competent and humane, but this option will not be on the ballot paper. The choice today is between brutal efficiency in pursuit of a disastrous agenda, and gentle inefficiency in pursuit of a better world. I [GM] know which I favour

I know that we are early in the campaign and I have already blogged about it twice but I though that warranted an extra post.

Don’t forget make sure your registered to vote!

Make sure your registered to vote

If your in the UK and you are allowed to make sure you are registered to vote.

Be certain your vote counts!

YouTube has been in the news this past week for two different issues related to its censorship decisions. Firstly the serving of paid for ads alongside material of an extremist persuasion Telegraph article. Secondly the possibly over zealous censorship with the restricted mode version of YouTube ABC News article. I am going to choose not to address these two issues directly and rather elect to consider the problematic situation YouTube finds it self in.

YouTube as a business model relies on large amounts of unpaid content which it sells advertising besides. As a business it is entirely based on scale, huge amounts of scale. Approximately 300 hours of content are uploaded every minute. This quantity creates a mammoth human task of censorship which is argued would be finically impossible to undertake.

This scale issue was arguable the winning feature of YouTube in the online video wars. It was ‘disruptive’ to allow anyone to create content and then distribute it on their behalf while monatizing it but claiming no responsibility.

This disruptive business model has always caused problems. Initially this was a problem of copyright infringing material rather than potentially objectionable but non copyright infringing material that has become the focus of recent disputes.

YouTube and other online platforms continue to offer apologies and excuses thats these ‘errors’ based on the inaccuracies of their current systems. Often such excuses are accompanied by promises of a future with more robust automatic censorship systems. Systems that will prevent these incorrect censorship occurrences from happening again.

However I suspect that such a future is actually impossible to create. No censorship system can ever be accurate. Old media understood this problem and taught the audience to understand the challenge it faced. Individual media outlets had their own defined standards and editors ultimately took responsibility for material published, perhaps even to the point of resignation.

YouTube is not old media is has established another practice, one which the audience most now learn to understand. One which requires the user to understand the lack of editorial relationship inherent to YouTube, the lack of meaningful advertiser content creator relationship and the fact that while it is not the wild, wild west its pretty close.

So on the basis that YouTube will never be able to categories, appropriately censor or filter its content here are my personal rules for YouTubing.

  • Most of YouTube is opinions, opinions are not facts and sometimes the only value is in telling you what something thinks about something.
  • YouTube creators may or may not have product endorsements that they may or may not be telling you about.
  • The suggested videos are unlikely to offer a balance opinion
  • The advertiser has nothing to do with the video and yes ads are annoying
  • YouTube videos get taken down, channels disappear its horrible for research
  • Some YouTube videos are objectionable but freedom of speech and exchange of ideas is more important than my opinion about a video