New Glass Lumix H014AE

I have been greatly enjoying the Lumix GX80 that I got a few weeks ago.

To go with the GX80 I wanted some better glass and my first priority was to replace the Nikkor 24mm 2.8 that had been a feature of my previous work. Consequently I went out and bough a Panasonic 14mm f2.5. Its small, wide enough and just about fast enough. I did consider getting the Olympus 12mm f2 but I decided the extra size and cost outweighed the advantage of the greater width and speed.

While I don’t tend to right reviews the 14mm 2.5 has been a lot of fun to shoot with, auto focus has been fast and it really is small which is great.

The post box picture above was taken with the new lens. (Full size here)

A few weeks ago as the academic summer holiday was getting closer I began to think about things I would like to do over the holiday. (Of course in the fine tradition of academic work I will also be writing a new module and carrying out research.) A previous hobby of mine, which unintentionally became quite serious, was photography and I decided that I would like to once again take it up.

When I was reflecting on the reasons why I had stopped taking so many photographs it became clear to me that the main reason was the actual size of the camera I currently owned; a Nikon D300 with 17-55 2.8 AFS and a 24mm 2.8 AFD. This camera setup had proven to be versatile but it was big and heavy and consequently burdensome to carry around. Time for a change.

Having not bought a camera recently I was keen to acquire the ability to shoot video while also minimizing the size of any new setup. I was also keen to be able get a piece of glass similar to the 24mm 2.8.

The requirement to have a small system meant that the compact camera systems were the most obvious place to look. Due to the wide range of glass available I decided to focus in on the micro 4/3 system. When purchasing cameras I always like to think of the glass I would like to own from the very start even if I do not intend to initially purchase it. The glass I intended to purchase is the Panasonic 14mm 2.5 (already bought) and the Olympus 45mm 1:1.8.

With this decision made it was time to find a camera!

At this point things strayed a little from my typical strategy. While I had planned to carefully choose between a number of different Olympus and Panasonic bodies I found a Lumix GX80 box opened in John Lewis and just bought it. Its great.

And that is the story of getting a new camera!

An Image Building and Sky

A new camera so an excuse to post a single frame.

Pulled a stop in post and cropped narrow and wide.

Recent Things and the Start of the Summer 2018

It has been a while since I have blogged here as I just got very busy with lots of things.

Stairwell 81 an installation done in collaboration with Oscar Abela as part of Sounds Like This Festival Leeds 2018.

In April I presented at CeNMaS in Sheffield under the title Composing Processing Spaces to Prompt Improvisation this was the first public outing of the AudioBoxes project.

In other AudioBoxes news a trio of my students also gave the first public performance with AudioBoxes at the NoiseFloor 2018 Festival in Stoke (thank you Jordi Carreras, Molly Darley and Joe Kershaw).

Also while marking season is almost done 2017-2018 teaching is done so its onto summer projects.

Lots of summer project ideas at the moment but I have chosen the moon shot and now thinking about the doable project as well.

I have also switched from org mode based writing to Scrivener mainly because I have never liked lisp.

I have been enjoying reading Table Talk Magazine and Long Reads.

An interesting quote from Tabletalk April 2018.

Because God is different from us, we can have hope even in the face of our stumbling. Allen, M., 2018. A Good Mystery. Tabletalk April 2018.

I have also been enjoying the album Resolve by Poppy Ackroyd.

Setting Paste and Match Style as default in Scrivner on OSX

An incredible tip that I found today when I finally got feed up with pasting text into Scrivner and having to deal with all the different text formats at compile time.

A stack exchange entry about how to remap key commands in OSX.

Using the OSX system preference App Shortcuts found within,

System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts

It is possible to swap Paste with Paste and Match Style.

This little change makes Scrivener much quicker to work with as know when you copy text into scrivner it does not paste with its own style and instead matches the current format style.

Im sorry but this only works with Scrivner on OSX.