Todays recommendation from the unsolicited music recommendation service is, Let Go by Avril Lavigne.

The 2002 album Let Go was the debut album of Avril Lavigne and possible one of my favorite guilty pleasures.

Perhaps you already know a number of the tracks on the album as I suspected that this is possibly one of the most successful albums that has featured on my unsolicited music recommendation service. That being said lets enjoy the highlights.

While a good opener, sometimes I skip Losing Grip!

A stunning single which perhaps introduced many to Avril Lavigne Complicated offers a good insight in to what is to come. Catchy lyrics and a chorus that just demands to by sung along with.

Perhaps the highlight of the album Sk8er Boi combines stunning song writing with interesting instrumental flourish delivered by the entire band to great effective. Just considered the variations in the transitions between the sections.

At this point Avril Lavigne feels the need to get a little more serious with the heartfelt I’m With You. Perhaps it is a little heavy handed but the guitars have a great blend and the vocals are committed in performance.

Mobile quickly gestures the album back to a more upbeat feel and features some well crafted gestures between the sections.

Taking a more heavy sound Unwanted is perhaps a little strained but the variations in shade within the track make it interesting to listen.

After the heavy guitars the stripped down initial mix of Tomorrow is a welcome variation and the vocal performance while exposed features interesting processing and multi tracking.

Another shift in feel Anything But Ordinary feels a little pedestrian in comparison with the other tracks. I do however enjoy the variations in the vocal performance. I must confess that some of the lyrics to see a little contrived such as,

Let down your defenses
Use no common sense
If you look you will see
That this world is a beautiful
Accident turbulent succulent
Opulent permanent, no way
I want to taste it
Don't want to waste it away

What every your thoughts regarding Anything But Ordinary the moment the guitars for Things I’ll Never Say start all is forgiven. In particular I love the vocal rhythm around the lyrics,

If I could say what I want to say
I'd say I want to blow you, away

Ok so My World is just a little to bright but anyway…

Another change in feel with Nobody’s Fool, an interesting sonic space and a variety of approaches to vocal processing. While not as catchy as some of the previous tracks it is a surprisingly mature track on the album and not one to be missed.

The album closes out with Too Much To Ask and Naked both competent tracks.

If you use Apple Music you can listen to Let Go.

A little bonus fact I am pretty certain that I saw Avril Lavigne perform live on March 21, 2003 in Manchester at the (then Carling) Apollo.

In fact I think my friend Jax bought me a poster!