Due to a reading week for my students at work I had the opportunity to go away for a few days and decided to take a trip to the coast. I also recently bought a 10 stop ND filter by Gobe so I decided to try some long exposure coast line photography. You can find the complete set of edited pics here.

I found that working with an strong ND filter is much easier on a mirrorless camera as rather than composing the frame and then fitting the filter you can just turn the ISO up on the body and see the frame through the electronic viewfinder. This made composing much quicker and also helped mitigate the fact that I was working with a Joby GorillaPod rather than an actual tripod.

While it was interesting, but perhaps obvious, using the ND filter to blur the movement of the sea within the frame this was not my main reason for getting the ND filter. Rather I plan to explore the idea of using long exposure with wide apertures in bright light to explore motion in the out of focus elements.