The Innovation in Music 2015 Conference hosted by Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.was a refreshing conference rich in discussion between industry and academic interested parties. With a discernible grounding in applicable practice the conference has definitely helped with clarify a number of lines of interests and offer a number of historical insights which will help to inform my future practice.

From a practical production work-flow consideration things I intend to follow up on are, Mandy Parnell thoughts on post production work-flow and Bryan Martin’s work on mixing in 3D which could possibly inform future WofS activities.

Paul Ferguson demonstrated and presented LoLa which offered a demonstration of the value of high capacity and quality networks such as the UK JANET system. Such demonstrations offer an opportunity to explore future-now network technologies and usage case and would be an interesting framework by which to judge the current fibre roll out.

A significant theme of the conference was a discussion of the future of the commercial production industry, Peter Jenner offered an insight into how the industry problems are view from a historical perspective with great insight. Matthew Flynn offered a detailed examination of the difficulties in comparing old and new possible revenue models and the scale of shift in margins. Like wise Peter Self introduced work into considering the value of music and associated issues of quality. The failure of recent, post 80’s ish, innovation to my mind was identified as a possible cause of current industry ills though I don’t believe all were persuade of this.

The conference dinner was a good, Cambridge is very nice and I also met a singer, who was a member of the Mediaeval Baebes!