So I have always loved phones and especially smart phones.

Starting with the T-Mobile MDA II, a G1 with cool keyboard but terrible memory problems, an e61 (the greatest phone ever made), an HTC Desire and an Samsung S3. However I find myself at the end of my current phone contract which prompts the what to do next questions.

The recent EE power-bar promotion is clear evidence to my mind that the fundamental battery life issue is as of yet unresolved and in fact is becoming so endemic that it is starting to impact revenue for providers, phones without battery power can’t spend money.

However due to the 24 month contract, almost universal now, that my phone was under I have had to adapt to the reality of a phone that required aggressive battery life conservation. As a consequence it turns out that I can generally cope with limited data connectivity. My iPad mini has taken up the slack using various public wifi networks and I find myself no longer needing the smart phone data capabilities.

There are however a few outstanding issues; two factor for Gmail and Facebook and getting to level 9 on Ingress.