So its passing should be marked in someway and while the extra online version is not yet ready for public consumption my PhD has been handed in with its corrections done. I believe this marks the end of the process though I will only considered it completely done when Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Professor Charles Xavier handed it to me!!

As a consequence of post PhD life I am now playing more board games Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan and more recently Ticket of Ride, though the risk gaming has not restarted.

I am also ridding my bike more than before and intend to travel via bike as part of the summer holiday.

Work wise I had the opportunity to return to Huddersfield University to do some more Max stuff as well as continuing with my duties at Leeds College of Music teaching Max, Ableton Live and Max 4 Live.

My research interests have shifted slightly and I am becoming more interested in the effects of technology on the defining of genre something I have been exploring with a class recently. However I am currently exploring opportunities around investigating the purpose of feedback to adult learners.

The two main current distractions in my life are currently Ingress, a GPS game for Android phones and Settlers online which I intend to quit in a few weeks time.

The Audio Podcast continues and I have plans to start a few other podcast in the near future about robotic bikes that gather sage.

I suspect that a few new websites will come into existence soon as well about board games and I still need to find some developer baiting and farmer following to do!!

I also plan to work out how to survive post gmail (in case I ever need to).