So its August and that means its almost September which means its CreativePact time.

You can find details about CreativePact online at

CreativePact is a fun way of committing to do something everyday for a month, with a fun sense of community and a source of encouragement. It easy, basically you just commit to do something everyday and tag it #creativepact many people use tumblr or wordpress or you can host it yourself. The main thing is to think of something you would like to do but never have time to do, and then use creativepact as your excuse

My Past Creative Pacts

Last year in 2011 I did a podcast a day which provided a great excuse to talk to a wide range of people who interest me from all sort of activities.

In 2010 I did some livecoding every day which was great for developing performance skills which I use within HELOpg.

In 2009 I took part in Hackpact hosted by TOPLAP and committed to programming in ChucK everyday.

My CreativePact 2012

This year I plan to continue my 2011 creative pact and restart my daily podcast. My hope is to make use of Google+ hangouts and foster use the podcast as a place to discuss topics, but its just a work in progress at the moment.