So after talking about it for a while we finally decided to get netflix and stop buying DVDs.

So in the first month I watched the whole of prisonbreak, season 1 and 2 good, 3 ok, 4 like the bad xfiles seasons.

Lots of movies some good some very bad, such as Video Games High School.

Also have been enjoying rewatching Numbers and discovered Modern Family.

Interestingly though I have realised how much more satisfying the long form story of a TV series actually is and how much fun watching entire season quickly is. In fact I would agree that NetFlix are right in suggesting people want to consume TV outside of the once a week paradigm.

In fact as someone who gave up watching live TV a few years ago I really don’t understand why people prefer the weekly episode form over the all at once and consume as you like model that NetFlix are offering and promoting.

I would suggest that it is time to consider the disruptive effect of IP, on demand delivery on the establish and current media outlets, as the cut in adverts model is unlikely to transfer across.

For a while I have been writing most of my documents in a combination of Org-Mode and Latex and keeping the folders under Git version control.

In a near perfect example of procrastination I decided to integrate the version control information into the Latex export.

Most of the hard work was already done as CTAN has the VC package which provides the integration between git log messages and moving them into the latex document.

I added to this so that the package can be used in a folder with the document and also a very basic template so that VC info is place on its own page.

In typical scratching your own itch fashion it only works with Git repos.

The code is on github at

and the once cloned into the working directory can be used by including,


at the desired location.

While preparing some lecture notes in Org mode to be exported using Beamer, this error message confused me today and prevented the pdf being built.

! Undefined control sequence.
\beamer@saveanother ->\let \beamer@savedif 

Turns out it was generated by a heading having no content only a tag like this.

* :tagonly:

Really easy, quick to make and can be prepared ahead of time.

Roll out some puff pastry, 3-5mm thick.

Divide it into rectangles, small if finger food or large if part of the main course.

Mash up some blue cheese.

Roll a portion of blue cheese and place it on one end of pastry rectangle.

Fold the pastry over seal by hand and add dash of beaten egg over top.

Stab small hole in top.

Bake in oven 180 Degrees for until pastry cooked.

git branch -m old-branch-name new-branch-name

Easy way to rename branches, works with master branch.