Today I gave my talk, yay its done. Went well and my demo worked well happy. The online presentation, and more stuff will be online at real soon.

The formal diner was fun, with a pork spit roast and held in the train area of the transport museum which was great.

Performance wise the evenings performances were good and the program contained one of the longest program notes I can recall.

Good day again and another pint of draught Magners.

The panel on Network Performance was very informative with a strong understanding of the issues. The first hand experience of remote and tele-presence was informative and will be of use to elements of my own going work.

The MoPhO performance was enjoyable. I particular enjoyed the relationship between the physical gestures and the sonic material.

Yesterdays talks were good however the 10m evening concert was ace, – best so far.

Anna Fritz, RADIO IS EVERYWHERE IN THEIR DREAMS was excellent, compelling and beautiful.

Matthew Yee-King’s LIVE CODING was an excellent exploration of live coding with strong gestures and boldness.

Still have to finish presentation :)

Monday was a good day – first day of presentations

In the morning sessions, I really enjoyed the

by Victor Lazzarini, NUI Maynooth, Ireland


by Dan Trueman, Princeton University, United State

This looked like a lot of fun and something I hope to use in the future. II also liked the architecture design of the current version using Processing GUI, OSC communication and Chuck DSP.

THRICE REMOVED by Brian Cullen was an enjoyable video work with an especially cool Coronation Street bit.

In the evening I went to the off-book ICMC and went to some TOPLAP Live coding at the BlackBox in Belfast.

Food as always good, Lebanese the order of the day no booze at all.

This evening was the opening concert for the icmc conference. Good concert with a strong Hudds showing 2 composers, 1 performer. Enjoyable works especially DIana Samspons piece at the end of the concert.

No hot water at the house, cold showers character building I guess.

Freebies: 1 bag ICMC chic, umbrella, mints, USB stick, mints and a cd plus the guide book

Magners Cider enjoyed on draft afterwards and a good Burger for tea good day – and almost finished my presentation. :)