So more ICMC setup today, was mainly working in the Graduate venue with the rigging for the later concerts and the unconf gigs.

We have a 01v mixer which brought back painful memories of what has to be my most disliked digital desk. However perhaps this will be the time that I get on with it.

Also had fun helping install a UPJ at the top of a lader.

Looks like ICMC things are starting to come together….

So since starting to podcast myself more seriously on The Audio Podcast and Whats on Podcast show a couple people have asked me what my favorite podcasts are.

So a list and some comments in no particular order,


Lug radio was one of the first podcast I listened to regularly from the start until the end, though they do keep reappearing every now and again. Informal and fun to listen to LugRadio was a great way to stay up to date with Linux stuff and LugRadio Live was lots of fun.

The Command Line Podcast

The Command Line Podcast is one of the most well organised and curated show around at the moment, well written and with very interesting guest its a great show about hacking and technology. The social policy discussion can be at times US centric but even then the show is still very interesting.

This Week in Tech (TWIT)

Leo Laporte’s TWIT network is great, in particular I really enjoying watching This Week in Tech which is just the best way to keep up to date with tech news.

Linux Outlaws

I came across Liunx Outlaws because of Dan Lynch and its alot of fun to listen to and well produced.

This Week in Photo

To prove I am not always working This Week in Photo is a fun show about photography with some interesting interviews and technique discussion. While sometimes these kind of show can feel either beginner focused or advance I think TWIP does a great job of having something for everyone.


DTown, by the guys at Kelby Training started life as a Nikon focused show but now in much more general. To be honest I prefer the earlier hosting partnership of Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski but the show is still great. (They have since gone on to present The Grid.)

So there you go they are my podcast choices at the moment all the shows are free as in beer and some as in speech and you can get them through iTunes or RSS feeds. So why not take some past episodes away on holiday this year.


Enjoyed putting together the audio podcast this week (a day early) with Samuel Freeman and guest Scott Mclaughlin.

Was interesting to talk about some of the current crop of sound cards available and reasons why to choose them.

Anyway the show is not live yet but will be online at later today.

So after a couple of weeks work, significantly longer than intended I have moved my blog across from Simple PHP Blog to WordPress.  Why? Well I wanted to offer the opportunity for people to comment and found that Simple PHP Blog was not very effective in doing that.

Also as part of a new business venture I wanted the opportunity of working with WordPress and HTML 5. I can’t really say much about the new business at the moment but you can expect a blog post later this week.

Also im going to try and blog more regularly after this unintended break.

So this next week HELOpg has two dates booked.

Firstly Friday 20th May – Open Circuit
7pm, 20th May, Lanternhouse, The Ellers, Ulverston UK

featuring HELOpg, Max Stomp, Focal Gaol & OCRA

Check out the Facebook Event for more details.

and then Secondly 25th May – Holmfirth Film festival Sountracks Events
Holmfirth Picturedrome

Featuring works by Joanna Byrne, Chris Daniels, Charlotte Partt, Luke Reed, Oliver Smith/Ryan Ward, Rozi Fuller, Ashley Dean, HeloPG, and Scott Mc laughlin/Rob Lycett.

Facebook Event

Here is a world premier snapshot from the HELOpg chosen film

And this is just the first part of our summer tour.

I expect to be livecoding chuck using my ./lc script and will upload the versioning information to Git Hub.

Oh and the album just needs mastering.