As of the date of publication of this post I am not and never have been a member of any political party. With that said you have probably noticed I really enjoy following politics and commenting on them. Also I am an admire of conviction based politics and the integrity of Corbyn is admirable.

On Friday evening after having seen a collection of pro Corbyn posts throughout both Facebook, Twitter and on the Guardian clearly advocating support for Corbyn I thought to myself is there no reason to consider Corbyn stepping down. There is not a Labour majority in parliament there will not be a Labour majority government. Consequently I tweeted,

Controversial opinion but I think @jeremycorbyn should step aside now and gift a stronger well organised @UKLabour to someone else

My reasoning is this.

The conservative party are likely to start a leadership election. I suspect the parliamentary party fears facing the electorate again with May in charge and therefore this process has to start soon. If they do start a leadership contest we are unlikely to face another, intentionally called, general election until it is resolved. Even if May chooses to and is allowed to stay on the likely decline in the Conservative/DUP majority over the coming years is likely to force a general election in a few years. The conclusion of Brexit negotiations and while the deal is being ratified by individual parliaments of the EU nations prior to the implementation is a likely target. Bearing in mind that the government can no longer call elections as it wishes the opposition parties are in position to influence this likely timetable. So that maybe means we face potential a year and bit or conservative minority government and then another election.

Consequently I think Corbyn should consider stepping aside.

Doing so to allow another to build on his success. He would be free to serve with the shadow cabinet and even endorse his replacement, an endorsement likely to carry significant weight. This is not admitting defeat on policy rather that perhaps another could present such policy in a way to create a wider coalition one eventually capable of governing the UK.

So with last nights election results which, other than the return of tories in Scotland, I don’t think were particular surprising in it is time to prepare for the battles to come.

Austerity in Northern Ireland is likely over and there will be some nice new roads there as well. Maybe transport links to northern Scotland will be improved as well.

Whatever the Conservative party DUP arrangement is, it is likely to be quite stable as neither party has any other option. On the areas of policy that there are significant differences I suspect the the Conservatives will be able to find alternative cross party support.

However I still suspect that within this year we will get a Tory leadership election. Why? Primarily because of the fear of the Conservative parliamentary party facing another election with the current leadership. Once this process has been completed the conservative party will once again find itself with a leader implementing another leaders manifesto.

This likely change of leadership plus the impracticalities or working with a such a small majority will likely cause the government to seek a new election within the next year. A working majority requiring NI and northern Scotland MPs to be present in Westminster will allow a well organised opposition to make parliament a hostile place for the government. However it should be remembered that the government requires parliamentary ascent to dissolve parliament which they may struggle to gain.

Consequently the opposition parties should immediately begin preparing a progressive alliance with which to fight the next election if called prior to the the completion of the article 50 negotiations.

However a more likely option is for an election to occur after the negotiations but prior to the conclusion perhaps, while the parliaments of the nations of the EU are ratifying the agreement. Preparation for this option should be considered as well. An election at this point will be about implementing the Brexit deal which critical will have to be known. If an election occurs at this point, which I suspect is very likely, this will be the point at which the opposition parties must critique the deal and have boldness in presenting the case to either implement the brexit deal or seek to persuade the country of the alternative of remaining.

While this election has not produced a progressive majority it has reduced the power of the conservative forces, will still forcing them to take ownership of the lies of the brexitiers campaign. For a re-mainer such as myself the future holds renewed hope. We will almost certainly be at the ballot box again before we leave the EU and we must seek to build a progressive collation that will win but Corbyn is not the man to do it.

Go Vote

Today is the General Election 2017 voting day so go vote!

Found out where here

In the UK we had for another general election Thursday is voting day. Don’t forget to go vote.

In this campaign I think has been very difficult to have a sensible discussion between the proposals of the parties due a lack of willingness of the parties to commit to published materials regarding future policy. Without being overly pointed on the issue we know that brexit means brexit, its going to be strong and stable and that the Conservative party manifesto is not a commitment that even lasted to polling day.

Consequently I will be voting for a change on Thursday.

As a treat, here is a collection of recent political songs.

Wicked! The Pinnacle of Dance Music

Perhaps like me you social media feed are full of slightly enraging posts about the Trump, Brexit and the upcoming UK election in which please enjoy this post are aim to enrage you regarding another topic.

While my love of happy Hardcore is not a well kept secret a few ago I had the great pleasure of revisiting an old favourite of mine Wicked! by Scooter released 24th October 1996. After listening to the original version and the 20 years of hardcore expanded edition I was pleasant surprised how well the album holds up.

The introduction track, a brief vignette, is a great opener into what is perhaps the most famous of tracks from the album the classic I’m Raving including bagpipes.

On the topic of I’m Raving one should really check out the remix CD and in particular the Taucher Remix.

After this opening the album is a collection of great feel good tracks, Scooter del Mar breaks some new territory, The First Time is surprisingly fresh in spectral considerations and We Take You Higher and Awakening is everything you could hope for in a Scooter track with great synth leads.

The album concludes with Break It Up which is possible one of the strangest Scooter tracks ever. It overlays typical Scooter vocal processing against an acoustic guitar.

If you are use Apple Music you can listen to Wicked! or the Wicked! 20 Years of Hardcore Expanded Edition that includes the I’m Raving remixes.