So in the lead up to the Christmas holidays I treated myself by allowing a little light gaming with OpenTTD.

You can download my save game here.

I feel I should warn you that it is very addictive especially trying to build a rail network that can support lots of trains, something I have not yet succeeded in doing.

However I am going to stop playing now.

So after a few unsuccessful battles with VPN options I reimplemented my SSH Tunnel solutions.

ssh -ND 9999 user@host

Doing this offers you a socks proxy at the local port 9999 down the default ssh port.

If you are behind a firewall which blocks ssh a good option is to use port 443 just like https

ssh -ND 9999 user@host -p 443

If you do this though you will need to either get  your server firewall to reroute the packets to the correct port or else bind your ssh server directly to port 443.

And why do this?

Well if you are on an open wifi connection then this allows you to browse the internet privately without having to worry about people capturing your data. In fact doing this means you do not have to trust the wifi provider in anyway, as all of your communications that you choose to route through the tunnel are encrypted.

I feel this post should lead onto a post about keys rather than passwords or how to change the default ssh ports so it might.

So after getting very annoyed at my HTC Desire constantly running out of space due to all the unremovable apps on the phone memory I snapped last night and rooted the phone.

Firstly used unrevoked to root the HTC Desire.

While this got me root it left me with a locked boot loader. (S-ON repport by the bootloader.)

Then used revolutionary to get the boot loader unlocked.

Then installed SuperUser from the App Store to manage root use by other apps and then installed ROM Manger.

Finally used ROM Manager to install cyanogenmod.

After successfully booting into cyanogenmod the Android market was broken giving error message,

Error downloading “[App Name]”. There is insufficient space on the device.

Tried clearing all caches, and eventually found that reformatting the SD card and then running MarketFix sorted the problem.

Would like to acknowledge the assistance offer by Cyanogenmod wiki.

House move 95% almost complete, so felt my excuses for not blogging are gone.

Have been enjoy this years Huddersfield Festival of Light though due to the heavy rain, rather than last years snow I left my camera at home. Once again a definite highlight was enjoying a warm local cider though it was also good to see Extra Curricular even though it was wet and cold.

So I have an excuse for my current absence from here as I am currently without internet at home due to moving house and Virgin taking ages to reconnect me. Apparently they have to disconnect the no longer present tenants service before they can connect mine so should be online at home later this week.

So back soon…..