So with Google having given notice on Reader it was time to look for a replacement and the first candidate to try was Tiny Tiny RSS.

The instructions are quite clear but thought it was worth just running through how I did the install on 1 and 1 shared hosting.

These instructions work with ssh access but you could use the web interfaces instead.



download the current version then

tar -zxvf 1.7.5.tar.gz

unpacks it for use.

At this point you can set up the sub-domain to resolve to the folder.

While in the 1 and 1 interface create a new SQL database and remember to take note of it name, username, password and location. Then load the schema from within the folder. (This command will ask for the database password.)

mysql -u db-username -D db-name -p -h < schema/ttrss_schema_mysql.sql

Then it is time to setup Tiny Tiny RSS,

cp config.php-dist config.php nano config.php

Then fill in the top of the config file,

define('DB_TYPE', "mysql"); // or mysql
define('DB_HOST', ""); // This must be set for 1and1 it cannot be left as localhost.
define('DB_USER', "db-username");
define('DB_NAME', "db-name");
define('DB_PASS', "db-password");

Also the simplest way to get Tiny Tiny RSS to update is by setting

define('SIMPLE_UPDATE_MODE', false);


define('SIMPLE_UPDATE_MODE', true);

Finally this gives a nice set of default plugins

define('PLUGINS', 'auth_remote, auth_internal, note, digest,');

Finally on 1and1 the default PHP version causes errors which can be resolved by changing the directory PHP version inside local PHP settings to 5.4.

This will get you a working ttrss install on shared 1and1 hosting, though it will not work on phones or mobile devices as the mobile section is redirecting by default.

More on the mobile setup to come.

So the default installed detailed in the earlier post leaves you with a broken mobile install. When you visit the URL it auto redirects to a location with nothing there.

A quick dirty fix is to disable the redirect by editing index.php from this,

if (!$_REQUEST['mobile']) {
                if ($mobile->isTablet() && $pluginhost->get_plugin("digest")) {
                        header('Location: backend.php?op=digest');
                } else if ($mobile->isMobile()) {
                        header('Location: mobile/index.php');

to this, essentially just commenting out the redirection.

if (!$_REQUEST['mobile']) {
//                if ($mobile->isTablet() && $pluginhost->get_plugin("digest")) {
                        header('Location: backend.php?op=digest');
//                } else if ($mobile->isMobile()) {
//                        header('Location: mobile/index.php');
//                        exit;
//                }

This works because we included digest in the options in the install.

The other options are to install one of the mobile theme options into the redirect location


such as,

git clone

Then just move the files into the mobile folder and enable the API in preferences.

So today was my longest bike trip yet (30 miles) with a round trip to the M6, along the Trans Pennine Trail from Manchester.


Was a fun ride quite enjoyable though the way home was into the wind which made it less fun.

Was surprised at the amount of infrastructure in place including this bridge over the M60.


My new tyres did ok, though they have noticeably less grip in mud which is to be expected. I plan to ride all the way to Warrington (and perhaps even Liverpool) but will need to set off earlier so as to have time once there.

But here is my bike,


and me under the M6.


After a week of many punctures around Manchester I decided it was time to upgrade my 15 year old tyres to new ones. Had a few suggestions from friends and ended up getting a set of Schwalbe Marathon Plus (26×1.5) tyres. The decision was made on the basis that most of my riding is done on the road now and the little off road I do tends to be on cycle paths and the such.

So fitting them is more work than my previous tyres, significantly more so, but I did get them on using only my hands so not to bad and I suspect there is a nack to it. Admittedly the purpose of the tyres would suggest that I should never learn the nack which I suspect is why the tyres have a reputation for being hard to get on.

My first ride on them today was ok, a ride up to Popup Bikes for the Wheelers Brunch. I had heard a few remarks about how them slid a bit in bad weather but they seamed ok in the wet today and the little bit of snow on the ground. The ride was however noticeably quieter and perhaps a little quicker, though I suspect that says more about the inherent unsuitability of my old tyres (off road 26×2.0).

Will see how it goes.

Had the opportunity this evening to get along to the last Freedom Principle, at least the last one at Sandbar.

Was great to hear A Greater Horror play, was an interesting set with a great fusion of noise and groove and some very polished interaction between Mauricio Pauly (on bass guitar), Alex Tod (on kit). Sam Andreae played an interesting solo set in support with some rich detail and a lot of control throughout. He joined A Greater Horror through a couple of there tracks though for me they were less satisfying lacking the deeper control present in the individual performances. A good gig and well worth seeing either play if you get the chance.