Had the opportunity this evening to get along to the last Freedom Principle, at least the last one at Sandbar.

Was great to hear A Greater Horror play, was an interesting set with a great fusion of noise and groove and some very polished interaction between Mauricio Pauly (on bass guitar), Alex Tod (on kit). Sam Andreae played an interesting solo set in support with some rich detail and a lot of control throughout. He joined A Greater Horror through a couple of there tracks though for me they were less satisfying lacking the deeper control present in the individual performances. A good gig and well worth seeing either play if you get the chance.

So rode home from Willslow via Manchester airport an enjoyable ride and means that I have know riden the whole of the Manchester Airport Orbital route in two sessions.

The southern side of the route has a lot more cycle lanes but runs alongside the road so I think I prefer the eastern and northern part of the route which has more country lanes on it. Having said that there was a pleasant surprise between Roaring Gate Lane and the A560 along an unsurfaced road which was much nicer than following cycle route 85 through the south of Wynthenshaw.

Finally finished off the ride by rejoing route 85 and getting to carry the bike over lots of motor bike obstacles and finally picking up a slow puncture around Chorlton Water Park. Managed to get some air from Ken Fosters Cycle Logic which got me home but it is time to think about tyres as picking up a lot of punctures.

Last Saturday I enjoyed a trip to the Manchester Opera House to see The 39 Steps. A comedy version of the Alfred Hitchcock classic. Was very, very funny with the small cast of 4 (plus a ninth hand) giving a great showing, I think my highlight was the scene on the train, in which even Durham got a brief mention! Plan to do more theatre trips in the future.

So if like me you are a Google Reader user you will have received the upsetting news that Google reader is to shutdown (Official Announcement). ARGH!!! I have been a long term users of Google Reader and actually tend to browse through it rather use the actual websites.

But also it has started to lack features and the in particular the lack of offline support has been annoying so it will be time to look for something else. In fact I have an idea for a project prompted by this – but that’s for another day.

So after talking about it for a while we finally decided to get netflix and stop buying DVDs.

So in the first month I watched the whole of prisonbreak, season 1 and 2 good, 3 ok, 4 like the bad xfiles seasons.

Lots of movies some good some very bad, such as Video Games High School.

Also have been enjoying rewatching Numbers and discovered Modern Family.

Interestingly though I have realised how much more satisfying the long form story of a TV series actually is and how much fun watching entire season quickly is. In fact I would agree that NetFlix are right in suggesting people want to consume TV outside of the once a week paradigm.

In fact as someone who gave up watching live TV a few years ago I really don’t understand why people prefer the weekly episode form over the all at once and consume as you like model that NetFlix are offering and promoting.

I would suggest that it is time to consider the disruptive effect of IP, on demand delivery on the establish and current media outlets, as the cut in adverts model is unlikely to transfer across.