While published over a year ago I was recently remind of this great video by New York based film marker, Casey Neistat, Life Explained in 27 Seconds.

Seamed kind of appropriate with teaching starting on Monday!

Deep Space 9 The Best Star Trek

Recently I finished rewatching DS9. I remembered it being good but did not remembering it being that good. In fact I would go as far as declaring it as the best of all the Star Trek franchises.

Perticular highlights of the show for me are, the dominant war, evil Ricker, the Defiant, Bashir and Miles, and the Ferengi. I also really like the singing as well, with Vic in the hollow suite and Worf with his love of Klingon Opera.

I admit the DS9 is much harder viewing than TOS and TNG. But, it is the greyness of the characters and the complexities of the relationships which make the show so compelling to watch.

If it was possible to change one thing about then I must admit that I had kind of hoped that the Enterprise with Picard turned up as part of the final fleet!

So if you have never watched any Star Trek and someone is nagging you to watch it, go for DS9 first.

Today marks the end of the academic year for me as it is graduation day. It is always nice to see the final year students for a last time and to gown up. So congratulations to all.

Personally such occasions mark for me the passing of time, as my attention turns to the summer projects, a few weeks holiday and of course preparation for the next academic year.

Scripture records Moses (perhaps in such a mind),

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm‬ ‭90:12‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

It is interesting to notice the association with wisdom, that an awareness of my mortality will aid in gaining a heart of wisdom. However such an outcome is only likely due to the fact that the scripture also teaches that their is an eternal component to my being, whom’s destination is determined as a consequence of now.

So congratulations once more, to all those who have graduated this summer from programs I have the privilege to teach on. May your journey seeking wisdom continue.

Voting To Remain

Well after the months of European Referendum campaign I remain a support of the European Union and believe that ongoing membership, is in the best interests of the UK. It is with great disappointment that the progressive, pro-european, pro further integration case has not been made effectively as a remain vote built on this case would have offered the mandate to create a better Europe.

Hence my position is effectively unchanged from the the one I detailed in February 2016.

Vote Remain, then lets work to create a Europe and UK of peace and tolerance built around fairness and opportunity.

Lead not Leave

Gordon Brown on the European Referendum.