So since getting my Samsung Nc110 netbook I have been running Arch Linux on it.

Arch has been a lot of fun, building the entire system from scratch and delivered me a highly customised Linux install with loads of battery life and bleeding edge application versions.

However it has had its problems.

Python3 as the default has been problematic I really wish that we could call python2 python and call python3 python3.

Also being at the bleeding edge has its dangers like the time that an update broke my external video out.

However the main issue has just been the amount of time required to support things. Every so often a pacman update would require substantial work to get it sorted, always well documented but just time consuming.

So while running Arch has been fun it is becoming impractical as my netbook is increasingly my main computer so I need something more stable to use instead.

So I am going to use this opportunity to have a look at different Linux distributions.

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